News 10/23

We’re very please with our new knit headbands, but we’d love to hear what you think about them.  Pop in and check one out for yourself. 

If you haven’t already heard, the Black Pennant Shirts and Black & Grey Raglans are back in stock.  We’re so sorry we’ve kept you waiting! Come on down to the shop and we’ll be happy to assist you with finding your size.

We are still running our excellent Flip Flop sale through the end of the month.  Currently, all Flip Flops are only $2, so we suggest you get a pair or two while they are this great price!  They will be going back to the regular prices of $5 & $10 soon.

If you find it hard to get up to the shop during the day, be sure to check our EVENTS page.  We try to list other times when the shop is open outside of the normal business hours.  This Wednesday, October 24th, the Shop will be open from 6-8 for Academy Night.